Why Durex ads are effective

Why Durex ads are effective

If you are a Vietnamese user, aged between 16 and 45 years old, you must have seen Durex ads at least once while surfing the internet.
Why is Durex advertising so effective?
Are they being seen by many people, willing to share and interact with the correct consumer data and who are likely to use the product, do they spend a lot of money on advertising, or something else. creating advertising campaigns that are seen by many people, ready to share and interact with consumers effectively.Let’s take a look at the points that make up Durex ads with LEADADS.

Why Durex ads are effective

1. The file consumers and people are able to use the product for the right target

The audience Durex looks for in their posts is 18-30 year olds. This is the segment of consumers and people who have the ability to use young products, prefer new and creative. In addition, with the orientation of creating the foundation and developing a brand product to help young people have correct awareness of gender and sexuality, Durex has been bringing consumers and people with the ability to use using the product creative, novel and extremely delicate perspectives about “love”.

Why Durex ads are effective

2. Impressive images

Durex often focuses on using images more than long sales or video clips to market to consumers and potentially using the product. This is completely understandable because images will help to recognize and process information of the brain faster, while stimulating the imagination, creating excitement for viewers, thereby helping to attract more consumers. and who is more likely to use the product.

The difference in Durex’s advertising images is the simplicity but effectiveness that many people see, willing to share, highly interactive.

3. Content creation, not in touch

If images make a difference, then content is an indispensable highlight in all Durex ads. Content marketing is not used too much, but every sentence makes a very strong impression on viewers right from the first time.
The delicate and humorous use of bold words has helped Durex successfully convey sensitive content to viewers while still giving them excitement and many other associations.

4. Catch the trend quickly

Why Durex ads are effective

The updated content is hot on trends and events in the world, which is one reason why brands have to take their hats off of the speed at which Durex ads catch up.

Durex’s design ideas and images congratulate the Vietnamese men’s soccer team on winning the Seagame gold medal

Pictures and design ideas on Durex’s homepage when Vietnam & Malaysia were in battle on October 10, 2019

5. Reply to all comments historically

On Durex’s Facebook fan page, you can easily see the interactions between admin and users. Durex has a team of quality administrators, methodical and extremely “diligent” interacting with users. Meanwhile, for other businesses, this has not really seen a clear interaction.
Hopefully, through this article, LEADADS has helped you decode 5 effective communication tips from Durex advertising.

Why Durex ads are effective
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