Where to find customer data – Selling customer data

Where to find customer data - Selling customer data

The social gap in the past year due to the Covid-19 epidemic has further demonstrated the benefit of consumer data.
Offline activities are almost paralyzed, only Online channels can be utilized to take care of, exchange and purchase with customers. The world is increasingly volatile, technology is evolving, so businesses increasingly have to transform and know how to collect data from multiple sources, analyze them, and then use these analytics to make the right decisions. One step ahead, the more business has a chance to dominate the market. The company should do this quickly against its competitors.

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Have customer data: 1 get 10

So where to collect customer data, even the question is how to buy customer data?

Where to find customer data - Selling customer data

Search data from the website

The online network is thriving right now, so you need to take full advantage of it in your business. You need to create a website with a beautiful appearance with thoughtful and useful content. Focus on researching the keywords customers often search for related to the business field of your business and incorporate those ideas into your website content.
Blogging is also one of the easiest ways to create content. Through internet customer searches, you can generate new leads with relatively little effort and reasonable cost.

Where to find customer data - Selling customer data

Search data from apps on smartphones

Sales app, music player app, money transfer app, shopping app, customer care app … will help businesses analyze customers more quickly and easily. Some apps require location access, the developer side will know where their customers are concentrated.
When users decide to install the app on your side, it also means that they don’t need to remember your site’s name every time they need to make a purchase. Each business customer has also means that businesses can inform their customers, their behavior, their interests on the app.

Data collection through social media channels

Create an advertising campaign to give your followers the opportunity to receive free gifts when entering your email address to download documents.You can use Fanpage, personal facebook page or post to groups related to the field. areas in your business where you can share your gifts and require an email address to receive them.
Facebook is considered as the most effective advertising channel today, it can give you the options to target your target audience, your gender, age, region, and interests. Furthermore, the cost per ad with interactions is not too high. Facebook will continuously update you with statistics and analysis of ads since the ads start operating, making it easy to track and adjust accordingly, optimize costs.

Collect data from online and offline events

With the organization of events, seminars, and advice related to your field of business, you will help you collect online emails from those who register to attend. You can apply many different channels to advertise events such as Social Media, Email, …
In the context of Covid-19 spread, online events, more efficient registration of participating and receiving gifts than offline events. So, you should organize regular online events and do not forget to call for sharing from the participants!

Organize Webinar sessions

Webinar is an application that allows organizing quality online courses and seminars. Presenter can share by presenting video, powerpoint slide, writing board or other multimedia data to attendees everywhere.
Participants interact directly with each other via microphone, webcam or chat window to raise opinions, ask questions about certain issues.
Webinar applications are very popular around the world. Thanks to these utilities, free webinar seminars always attract subscribers. It will also be an opportunity for you and the potential customers of the business to get acquainted and warm up the relationship.

Combine with partners

You can be with your partners using many different programs such as:
Collaborate with your partner to run a promotion on your partner’s website or on an email newsletter to generate email addresses.
Collaborate to display gifts with your partner on apps like webinars and eBooks and ask them to promote sign-ups.
Work with your partners to offer discount codes for courses in your field, ask users to register information and send them a discount code via email.
One very effective option for small businesses is collaborative advertising to keep and grow your business. With a limited marketing budget, advertising cooperation will help businesses increase their accessibility to customers.
Cooperation and sharing of advertising costs will help businesses save advertising costs, improve quality and increase advertising frequency.
To avoid stepping on each other in sales campaigns after having data.

Where to find customer data - Selling customer data

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