Where to buy real estate customer data?

Where to buy real estate customer data?

At Leadads, we have an extremely large data system of real estate buyers, from high-segment customers such as VIN, NOVA, Dat Xanh, to low-end customers such as apartments and bungalows.

Where to buy real estate customer data?

  • LEADADS – The data system is constantly updated, the data live rate is very high
  • LEADADS has a solution to get the phone number to access the Google adword or Facebook keyword search website.

For example: If a customer uses a smartphone to search for a product (real estate, phone, camera, insurance, watch … or any service product), within 1-5 minutes, the AI ​​system will recording the person’s phone number and geographical location. And then our client lockout task is really simple.

Where to buy real estate customer data?
The AI ​​system works based on the internet access of customers via the internet (with cooki), using keywords for search ads on Google, Facebook. Therefore, although your business “does not have to pay” millions, even tens of millions of VND, thousands or even tens of thousands for 1 click when advertising Google Adwords but still get extremely potential customer data.

The advantages of buying real estate data at LEADADS

  • Customer data is right at the right target, at the right time when customers are in need. Real-time updates
    Exact connection to customers who are interested in products & services.
  • Define customer locations, can group objects according to specific regions.
  • Optimized for costs, only charged when a successful call is made.

At LEADADS more than 45 million data are available e-mail classified by occupation, age, gender, income level & search keywords … is very convenient for customer care, marketing, finding new customers, email , SMS.
Where to buy real estate customer data?

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