Stock customer data

Stock customer data

Customers who play stocks are people who have money, they usually like to invest in finance, real estate and spend freely.
With stock customer data, you can offer related services, construction industries, real estate, furniture.

Stock customer data

How to talk and talk with stock investment customers:

His voice is soft, soft, and polite because investment customers are usually well-educated.
Listen to the customer’s attitudes and moods (For example, if the customer is difficult, or is walking on the street or is in a noisy place, apologize to the customer and call back later)
Brief consultation but full details of the product we are introducing, about features and materials.

When calling to customers on the list of securities customers:

Customer’s ability to listen to the phone calls: customers who actively call, usually they have researched the project, so they will ask directly about the price, features and uses.
Attitude and manner of talking: be gentle, open and cheerful. Create a sense of friendliness and trust.
Skills to actively call customers: should classify customers in their data. Exploiting acquaintances to create good relationships with customers.

Be patient for short but complete information
Create scarcity of goods

If you have used all your power to persuade, then surely the customer has not trusted you, not yet trusted your company. So you have to find out the reason why customers refuse.

Steps to end telesales phone call for customer

Step 1: Thank you
Step 2: Ask an open-ended question to identify the real cause of your disapproval.
Step 3: After knowing the cause, ask the question of the variable NO -> YES
Step 4: Presentation, bring out the biggest benefit that suits them
Step 5: Guarantee
Step 6: Raise the question of closing the underground sale

Stock customer data

How to close the deal when there is customer data stock in hand?When you have stock customer data on hand, you need:

  • Redefine buying needs of customers
  • Know the customer’s information (who is the first time real estate buyer? Or professional investor?)
  • Personality and buying habits of customers?
  • Social talk: Honey, are you in Europe? His profession ?…..

Financial ability of the customer? Customers is easygoing person or difficult person? .

5 tips for reaching customers more effectively

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