Right Target Audience with ad-posts data from Lead Ads

Target customers can be considered as one of the vital problems of the business. Understanding what customers like, where they are and delivering the right service at the right time is what most businesses want to achieve.

What is the target customer?
Target customer, English is target customer or target market is the term used to describe a set of customers with the same attributes that your business will focus all resources and time to serve.

Any programs, strategies, or tactics that the business implements at the start of the business are interested in who the target audience of this activity is? Because there is no product or service that serves all subjects, all ages, all interests … and businesses do not have enough resources to access all. Therefore, a successful business service or product is based on the business’s deep understanding of its target audience.

How to identify the target customer file?

First, businesses must understand the product / service they are selling. It sounds strange because of the content exchanged about target customers, but there is a saying “understand that I understand people hundred and hundred wins”. And only businesses can answer the questions: “What benefits does this product / service bring or solve problems for customers?”; or “how your product / service differs from its competitors or the market? Why do customers have to buy this product / service but not from another one? ”; and even businesses must answer weaknesses and shortcomings that their products / services provide.

From there, businesses step to jobs such as building portraits (Personal), drawing customer journey and studying customer insight. Now is the time to reach customers with the right channel, the right message and the right time for target customers to become their customers and loyal customers.

Reach target customers faster with Lead Ads

With Lead Ads, you can easily reach your potential customers. Through their interactions on posts promoting similar products / services, you can precisely know they are your target audience.

You can also learn from your competitors. How they create content, interact with customers through advertising posts. The Lead Ads can provide you with that information.

Moreover, you can understand the insights of these customers through the intelligent analysis system from Lead Ads.

And most especially, we have all the necessary information so that you can reach potential customers through facebook profile, phone or email.

Try the special features from Lead Ads now and experience the difference!

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