Promoting Promoted Post on Facebook is effective for individuals

Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts are two forms of Facebook advertising often chosen by marketers when running campaigns on Facebook. In this article, we go through both forms of advertising to find out which solution is most suitable for your business when engaging in marketing with Facebook. Along learned about Promoted Post advertising through the following article offline.

What is a Promoted Post?
Promoted Post advertising is compared to what ranks between a standard post and an advertisement. The concept is also quite clear, you select the post you want to promote and click on the green button “Boost Post” at the bottom of the post

Promoted Post advertising you can choose the price offered by Facebook

Or choose Choose Your Own to set a budget (at least 2000VND a day) and of course the less budget, the fewer people see the post. Once you promote the post, the post is labeled Sponsored Post and the target audience is the person who liked your Facebook page and their friends. You also have the option of adding someone or removing someone from the display area of ??the post.

Facebook since redesigned News Feed
Gave more space to Promoted Post and therefore it is also supported by more advertisers. The new design allows for a larger image to be displayed and to display more text than before. With Facebook Ads, users often ignore it, but Promoted Post is easy to see because it takes up a third of the News Feed page when displaying it! Below is a summary of the pros and cons of Promoted Posts:
As you can see, the advantages of Promoted Posts completely outweigh its downsides, making it a useful method to “push” your message out to more people.

Comparison between Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts
We have analyzed these two types of advertising, so which one is better for your business? The answer is case dependent. Check out the summary of both below:

Promoted Post advertising Both have advantages and are as effective as the same, so the problem lies in your last. As an advertiser, what are you trying to achieve? The advice here is if you have few Likes, start with Facebook Ads to increase likes and followers.
When the fan base increases, turn to Promoted Post to promote events, promotions, news, and assuming you have the desired followers, make sure they will read and sometimes share. it is with their network of friends.

The feeling of those who are admin
So, what kind of advertising do you like on Facebook – Ads or Promoted Posts? Or have you tried any kind of advertising yet? Do you have any experience with these two forms of Facebook advertising, each side has some attractive characteristics? Share with everyone in the section below.

Those who have been and are admin
A certain page will be annoyed because the number of fans has thousands or even tens of thousands of fans but the reach per post is less than 10% -15% of the fans, this reduces the communicability of the posts.
Therefore, the form of promoting page post Ads – also known as article content advertising is the key to solving the above problem.
If you are planning to implement a Facebook advertising campaign, do not ignore this form but consider whether to use it in the Facebook advertising campaign or not!

With this form of advertising
You not only promote post content on new feeds of existing members but also promote widely on the Facebook community.

Like other forms of advertising, you can completely choose the target audience, but will be more limited than the forms in that: you can only choose the country, age, gender, are fans of the page or include even those who are not fans of the page. Meanwhile, other forms can be selected specifically and in more detail about the target audience such as region, workplace, interests, age, sex, marriage ……
The above article tells you what Promoted Post advertising is. Thank you for taking the time to look at my posts. – The amazing system with Big Data & AI LeadAds is a big library Facebook Marketing Ads with more than 5 million Facebook Sponsor Ads and AI System can process more than hundred million social profiles who interacted with Marketing Ads

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