How to make a game to get customer data: how to get customer data from Facebook

Data of customers to buy land plots

Facebook is a social network with many users, easy to interact with, so getting customer data from here is a lot.
How to get customer data from Facebook by organizing mini games.

The list of facebook customers classified is quite specific

The list of facebook customers classified is quite specific

The simpler the Minigames, the easier it is to play the better

Games for young people are easy, games for middle-aged customers have to be easy to play.
Remember, minigames are just the tip of the funnel, so you can collect the right customers. The goal is that the more data the better, the more filtering you can get, so don’t ask questions too deeply and are too difficult to manipulate while playing.

You can refer to the following minigames requirement example:

Donate 5 million shopping at XXX to the luckiest customer
Join in 3 easy steps:
1. Like this post tag 1 friend.
2. Like Fanpage XXX
The winner will be the person who has completed the above 2 steps and commented on any 2-digit lucky number from 00-99. The system will award prizes to the person whose comment coincides with the last 2 numbers of the HCM sx results on xx-xx-xxxx and earliest.
Finalize the results announcement date on xx-xx-xxxx right at the comment of this minigame post.

Mini game prizes either very attractive, or must be a lot for players to really look forward to finding luck

Minigames in addition to attracting the participation of players thanks to the content, the new reward is what customers want: valuable prizes, stimulating games, or prizes with large numbers, high chance of winning. New players join.
The rewards must be real and quality, not overpriced or poorly priced. Because playing a mini game and receiving bad gifts, they will hate your brand.
Take advantage of advertising, communication, like, share group … to popularize minigames
If you are having collected customer data such as phone number, email or traffic from website or Facebook groups. You can refer to using the ref link to create a link, in addition to introducing an ongoing minigame program, you have gathered interested customers as soon as they clicked on the created link. X

In addition, effective minigames to collect users from facebook, buying facebook data from LEADADS is a fast and effective way to get quality users, right targets, increase conversion rates and save advertising costs.
Many of our customers have been successful because of the quality data, detailed and clear topics from the Leadads system.
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