How to attract facebook advertising photos?

Top 18 outstanding Facebook ads in 2020

Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads) is one of the advertising channels to directly and indirectly reach customers online.
Facebook also instagram must have beautiful images, attractive, clear messages.
So what do you know about the image regulations on facebook?
Designing a suitable image to run your ad is extremely important.
+ Designing advertising images running on Facebook or other networks to be more attractive, impressive, and professional in the eyes of customers.
+ Communicate the best message to customers: it will be easier to reach customers, save 30-70% on advertising costs, increase the number of comments inbox, thereby helping to sell more sales with advertising costs. lower
+ Designing beautiful facebook ad images can be the key to customer retention. Increase purchase conversion rates. As Durex is an example, beautiful, creative advertising impresses and impresses viewers.
+ Make a difference from competitors on facebook
Design facebook advertising photos – everyone needs them – from different brands, big and small
– Units who want to promote newly launched products and services want to make a quickest impression, making facebook advertising photos will help promote more effectively.
– Individuals and units who want to advertise online on social networking sites.
– Businesses and individuals who want to find potential customers for their products.

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Rules when designing images on Facebook

With image with text
For design pictures running facebook ads containing text, the text part cannot exceed 20% of the frame rate. If exceeded, the reach will decrease gradually, even zero advertising effectiveness.
In addition, when you use a logo containing text, if you zoom in too much, it will also be the wrong principle of facebook. Keep this in mind when designing images for the purpose of running ads.

 Ad run image size

When creating a Facebook ad photo, you’ll see the recommended image and image sizes. The photo is automatically resized to fit the ad. Also you can resize the image to make your ad more impressive.
Size 4 squares
If you want the ad image to appear in the article when showing to your potential customers with a 4 square layout. You just need to get the size as follows:

– First 4 images: 900 * 900 pixels (Required Facebook ad image size 1 horizontal & 3 pictures below

First image (top horizontal image): 900 * 603 pixels

Next 3 images (3 below): 900 * 900 pixels

The picture behind you can get images like this arbitrary size. Facebook ad image sizes 1 vertical and 3 thumbnails next to

Vertical image (first image): 598 * 900 pixels
Next 3 thumbnails (next 3): 900 * 900 pixels
The remaining images, arbitrary size.

Facebook ad image sizes 1 vertical and 2 thumbnails

Vertical image (First image): 448 * 900 pixels
2 thumbnails on the right (next 2): 900 * 900 pixels.

Facebook ad image sizes for the layout of 1 horizontal image and 2 thumbnails below

Horizontal (first) image: 900 * 452 pixels
2 images below: 900 * 900 pixels
Size of Facebook ad image for layout of 3 equally horizontal images

If you want to post facebook advertising, the images displayed in this layout you need to get the standard Facebook image size for 3 pictures as follows: 900 * 900 pixels.

Benefits of using Facebook customer data

Size of Facebook ad image for the layout of 2 equally horizontal images
With this layout, you can only advertise for 2 images in an article. And the standard size information for both images is as follows: 900 * 452 pixels
Photo running Facebook ads for a 2 vertical layout
Or if you do not want 2 images displayed in a horizontal layout, you can also choose a vertical layout, the standard advertising image size for 2 images is as follows: 900 * 900 pixels.

Standard Facebook ad image sizes for a single image

And if you want to do that, you need to choose 1 of 2 sizes as follows:
900 * 900 pixels
1200 * 900 pixels
Only use 1-2 different fonts for images
The many different fonts in your ad design only make it difficult for the audience to focus on your main message.
Using less fonts will help the message become clear and easily attract the attention of the viewer.
In order to reach the right customers and save costs, having the right customers is essential.
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