Data of Interacted user with the ad-post – Highlights from the Lead Ads system

Unlike many systems that collect data from Facebook advertising posts, the Lead Ads system has the outstanding advantage of being able to provide complete and accurate information about customers who have interacted with Facebook Sponsor Post Ads.

The information includes:

  • Facebook Profile
  • Contact: phone, email
  • Demographics: location, age, gender, relationship
  • Insight: which fan page do they like, which group to join, how many followers and friends do they ban on social media, …

With this useful information, you can use it for many different purposes.

  • Use insight analysis to come up with the right strategy
  • Use post data as the customed audience to run Facebook, Google, Zalo ads, …
  • You can also use direct phone calls to reach potential customers or to take care of customers through the system of Email, SMS, …

Try the special features from Lead Ads now and experience the difference! – The amazing system with Big Data & AI LeadAds is a big library Facebook Marketing Ads with more than 5 million Facebook Sponsor Ads and AI System can process more than hundred million social profiles who interacted with Marketing Ads

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