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LeadAds Team

Difference between Facebook Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, Promoted Posts

As Facebook builds its ads business and gives advertisers more ways to reach different audiences, a new lexicon has emerged. “Facebook Sponsor Post was a result of the Best combination: The Best of Creative Ads + Super Customer Audience Insights … Read More

Right Target Audience with ad-posts data from Lead Ads

Target customers can be considered as one of the vital problems of the business. Understanding what customers like, where they are and delivering the right service at the right time is what most businesses want to achieve. What is the … Read More

Quite simply AMAZING. This is straight forward and does a great marketing solution, especially with process automation. Will save a lot of marketing cost

Gambuzino - Clients

I have a dream that my competitors can NOT know the LeadAds system. The unbelievable system, you check all Sponsor Ads from your competitors and approach the user who interacted with these ads

Peter C Roberts (Client)

Data of Interacted user with the ad-post – Highlights from the Lead Ads system

Unlike many systems that collect data from Facebook advertising posts, the Lead Ads system has the outstanding advantage of being able to provide complete and accurate information about customers who have interacted with Facebook Sponsor Post Ads. The information includes: … Read More

Promoting Promoted Post on Facebook is effective for individuals

Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts are two forms of Facebook advertising often chosen by marketers when running campaigns on Facebook. In this article, we go through both forms of advertising to find out which solution is most suitable for your … Read More

Such an incredible about the huge library Facebook Marketing Ads but the important thing is we can access all social profile who interacted with the marketing ad

Ruben G Perez (CMO)

Usability Testing: Your Questions Answered

Praesent justo nisl, auctor sed sapien ut, mattis consequat massa. Suspendisse erat lectus, pulvinar nec dapibus non, rhoncus sit amet dolor. Duis consectetur condimentum tempus. Phasellus consequat dignissim fringilla. Aenean eget enim id lectus placerat euismod. Sed venenatis, nisi a … Read More

Inspirational Workspace Ideas

Duis lorem est, vestibulum ac diam euismod, dapibus maximus urna. Donec tempor sodales vulputate. Ut sit amet erat nec lacus scelerisque auctor. Donec enim urna, accumsan auctor porta at, vestibulum vitae eros. Suspendisse egestas varius lobortis. Proin ac egestas nunc. … Read More